Pourbusstraat 5
2000 Antwerp



T: +32 3 283 04 20


Tuesday – Saturday
10 – 6 pm


Member of Antwerp Art and BUP




KETELEER GALLERY opened its doors in 2012 and organically evolved into a family driven business in which a dynamic and open contact with the local and international artworld became its core focus while continuously honoring Belgium’s rich art history. The familial aspect is reflected in a warm and welcoming environment, aimed at lowering the threshold to offer an inspiring experience to a broad and diverse audience.


September 2019, KETELEER  moved to a new space at the Pourbusstraat in the South of Antwerp, a well-known building where many galleries created a now famous history. Centrally located between the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, the M HKA, the FOMU and the ‘New South’, this location is a symbol for new collaborations and the joining of both young and established, forgotten and world famous, off-centre and leading Belgian and international artists.