Javier Pérez at Bilbao Fine Arts Museum (SP)

Javier Pérez is part of the BBKateak project at Bilbao Fine Arts Museum (SP). BBKateak is an exhibition proposal which seeks to offer the collection new stories while construction on the enlargement of the museum is underway.  Via a dynamic programme of presentations which are periodically updated, each of the gallery rooms in the old building show an unexpected face-to-face interaction between two artists and their works. Room 1 shows a dialogue between Javier Pérez (1968) and Óscar Domínguez  (1906-1957).


The exhibition will be on view until 31 May, 2024.

More info HERE.



Javier Pérez, Somnia In Somnia, 2020. 
33 white pencil and pastel drawings on black cardboard; a silkscreened text in silver ink on black cardboard 

Mar 1, 2024