panamarenko: works 1979 - 2005

Mar 25 - May 7, 2017
KETELEER Gallery is very pleased to present a new Panamarenko solo exhibition. Works: 1979 – 2005 will consist of 30 works made between 1979 and 2005; unique objects, original models, drawings and a selection of graphic works. It will be the first major gallery exhibition in Panamarenko’s hometown since a long time.
Press release
The exhibition is presented chronologically, according to the times of the actual execution of the works. The first and original engines Quadrac Motor and Bing Motor (1990) are presented with a design drawing which served as the inspiration for the sculpture Bing of The Ferro Lusto. From this sculpture the original scale model from 2002 is also shown. The viewer will be able to discover the history of Panamarenko’s ever-evocative work. Beginning with a thought, a dream and a drawing, it always turns into a poetic and utopian image exuding an irresistible urge for freedom.
The original models and objects of the legendary cars Polistes and Prova-Car underscore Panamarenko’s lifelong fascination with speed which is a symbol for freedom to him. The speed and forces required to escape from gravity is a recurrent theme in almost the entire oeuvre of Panamarenko. By always testing out the works himself, Panamarenko taps into the glamour and hero-status usually reserved for pilots, race pilots and astronauts. His experimentations never cease to amaze the audience, inspiring awe and admiration for his relentless attempts at achieving freedom. Panamarenko transforms science into poetry, in which the art of failure is ultimately the most important part.
The eye-catcher of the exhibition is undoubtedly the endearing sculpture Arlikoop from 2004. A late achievement of his first design for a robot he made in 1970. Panamarenko made the image in 2004 on a honeymoon to the North Pole. The image was subsequently photographed by himself on a sunlit night on the desolate landscape of the North Pole and is now exclusively on view in this exhibition.
Panamarenko (Antwerp, 1940) is widely regarded as one of the most important Belgian and European conceptual artists of the 20th century. He is an artist, technician, mathematician, philosopher and visionary in one. After the enormous success of the exhibition Panamarenko – Universum at M HKA in 2014, this exhibition will once again focus on the unique oeuvre of this artist in his hometown, this time in the form of an exceptional gallery exhibition.