elias cafmeyer: unconvential surroundings

Nov 9 - 26, 2017
KETELEER GALLERY is proud to present the solo exhibition of Elias Cafmeyer in our new space ‘Next Door’. 
Press release
Elias Cafmeyer (°1990, Roeselare BE) graduated from St. Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp in 2017. As a visual artist he focusses on the city, its (failed) architecture and public space. He mainly makes sculptures, video installations and site specific work. His work evolves around public space and its use within the city. Cafmeyer has a fascination for urban development, traffic signs and the city landscape as a metaphor for social construction. Apart from his video installations, Elias often uses raw, industrial materials such as metal, untreated wood, concrete… His proposals for site specific work are presented as scale models and could be seen as works on itself.
Installation Views